Time passes and little happens

It seems to be a very quiet period in my MMO life at the moment. After my last post I figured I’d post again when I hit level 50 but it seems it has not happened yet. Mostly it’s because I simply haven’t found anyone to play a lot with yet. Part of the problem with playing on an RP server really. I hope to find a role playing kinship (aka guild) that fits with my idea of the world. But on the other hand I have yet to actually insert myself into a whole lot of RP situations in the game.

Actually I made a server community site, along the way, in hope of finding the right kinship: The Unofficial Laurelin Community Site it is called. But it’s usage is somewhat limited to people who are already on the official Laurelin forums. And as usual the wider server community is hard to inform about/lure into new sites like that.

But I do have 3 active characters in the game. My hunter is now at level 47 and I have the minstrel I play when my friend is online (he’s not been at all in 2008 yet) and finally my, relatively, new captain that is up at level 33 now.

In Other News
Not much else is happening. I got invited into one beta I kind of play from time to time. But it seems too much like everything else for me to really put a lot of time into it. And of course I could not really talk about it anyway.

Oh and then I just installed a new gallery on this site. Finally I found an integration of Gallery 2.x for Xoops and I am now working to get my entire backlog of screen shots into it. Not a whole lot of ‘new’ stuff there. But it is the world of LotRO as I have seen it 😉

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