Dang. Where are all the beta invitations?

As life continues new games go into beta. And once again I am ignored. Recently several games I want to try has announced activities of the beta variety. Namely Age of Conan, Tabula Rasa and The Chronicles of Spellborn. Okay so TCOS didn’t actually go into beta just now. Instead it announced the beta would last longer and that they would likely add more players. Also I suppose PlayNC can excuse the lack of an invitation in my inbox by saying I technically signed up for the European beta. No idea if that one is supposed to have started yet.

So life goes on with nothing new to play. As I am writing this I am waiting for Rappelz to complete updating just to try something new. I can’t say I am looking forward to yet another “free” game that sells in-game stuff for actual money. But as always I allow myself to be positively surprised.

Also the one month anniversary day for my third tour of duty in PlanetSide. Last time I wrote something here I was going to find an outfit to play with. And soon after I stumbled across someone from AoJ who got me invited into the outfit he is playing with. Well actually he contacted me when he noticed my name in-game (presumably one of the many times it showed up in the wrong end of a ‘someone was killed by someone’ message). So I ended up in the biggest Terran Republic outfit of the Werner server: Outcasters. Likely I wouldn’t have needed to actually getting an invite, since they seem to sign anyone up. But it helps to fit in when you actually know someone, if only a little.

I think I played with the Outcasters, last time I played PlanetSide, but left for some reason and instead joined MoX. This time around it seems like a good deal tho. While not exactly the most structured people around they do usually have an outfit platoon running. And usually someone who has a clue will be in charge too. And of cause being on TeamSpeak does help making the experience better than some random platoon. Even if often most of the commands end up being given in-game anyway. Since not everyone is on TS.

Still it is soon time to see if I want to spend money on PlanetSide. I doubt SOE will grant me with another month of free game time once this month is over. But right now I have nothing else I am paying to play. And I do have some good times from time to time. So odds are pretty good I will do at least one more month.

But something does loom on the horizon. I have a weak spot for limited editions of stuff. And today the temptation became too much. I had to have it even if I am not sure I wanna play the game. The precious item I am speaking of is the Lord of the Rings Online – Collector’s Edition. I finally broke out my trusty VISA and bought it the Dutch online store bol.com. Turns out it was cheaper place to buy it and I didn’t even need to call on a native to figure out the store. Still at a price of 249.99€ it is no bargain even if everyone else have jacked up the price after the game launched.

The upside of buying this edition is I can look forward to another game I can play really casually. The box includes a lifetime subscription. So I won’t have to consider if I want to continue spending cash on it. Instead I can just log in when I feel like and not feel bad for wasting cash on a subscription I am not using… I already wasted the cash in one go. Water under the bridge now =)

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