Vanguard didn’t get ahead

This post got a bit delayed. I was writing a longer post that further detailed how poor the gameplay of Vanguard is but then a couple of things happened:

  1. I found out it didn’t seem I was going to like the game anytime soon since I don’t enjoy any of the content
  2. Age of Judgement (the guild I was playing with) closed down in Vanguard due to lack of interest.
  3. I was charged for the second month (I had misunderstood what I had three free months of. Turns out it was the vgplayers site).

After those events I decided it seems I was paying for a glorified chat channel where I only really talked with one person. Any popular instant messenger will do that for free!

I did flounder around a little with remaining members of AoJ and joined some random guild. And it turned out to be as fun as most other random guilds I have been in: as in it wasn’t. Lots of members that did little together.

So I cancelled my subscription… Or I tried to and found out it didn’t work so I made a support request on it. That worked! I figured I’d try to motivate myself to play and see if I could find something enjoyable. But so far my appearances has become scarce, to say it at least. But with vacation time coming up next week I can maybe to one last stab at seeing if it is worth keeping a presence in that game.

In other news I finally was entered into a beta a couple of weeks ago. It is one I have been accepted to participate in for over 5 months so I can’t say I was very motivated to do much for. And I’ll just say that so far I have not been positively surprised by how they handle people who are actually playing the beta either. I guess community and information management just isn’t a strong trait with these guys. And from looking at the game it seems like it would take a miracle for the game in itself to become any serious contender in the already stuffed MMO market.

Since I also cancelled my WoW subscription again (the guy I was playing with didn’t have time) I have a bit of a hole in my MMO participation sheet. A beta I am not too interested in is all I have to show right now. I’m so far out I am considering Entropia Universe and PlanetSide again! Open beta of The Cronicles of Spellborne should be soonish tho. So with a bit of luck I can move into trying that before I do something stupid.

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