A new year of gaming is coming. Out with the old… Waiting for the new.

It’s officially 2007 now and with the resetting of our calendar postfixed with a new number is traditionally an event that provokes people to promise themselves – and others – that now they can change their ways and everything will be better this year. I never really practiced this myself. But it seems fate – that I don’t really believe in either – has teamed up with random chance to make me celebrate new year with following this tradition.

2006 ended with a bit of a revisit of WoW and a final dismissal of EQ2 – neither of them really planned. First a good friend of mine asked me to play WoW with him. It was a bit odd since he has never played that kind of games. But since he had started a trial of WoW I figured it might be fun to join him and start all over on that again. This time around it is on a very casual basis since my friend has only limited time to play. But it’s all good. I’m not really into doing hard core WoW gaming anyway. Now if he had only created his character on my old server and in the right faction… Ah well. Guess that level 60 warlock will have to just sit there then.

It does give me a chance to try out some new things tho. I have never really played a healer before. So I decided this was as good a time as any. So I rolled a priest to complement his warrior. Well… Before I knew what race/class he was I made a hunter that I am playing a bit too and that’s a bit of a change from anything I usually play too.

Quitting of EQ2 was even more random. Basically my account was closed for some reason (might have been due to my credit card having been replaced I suppose) without any notice or emails about it. I can’t even find any explanation on my The Station account pages. But as it turns out the timing is pretty good. I just quietly quit a guild – the Secret Keepers – before I went on holidays vacation. And I wasn’t really having much fun playing the game… It felt too much of a chore to me.

The reason I quit the guild was really to because while they seemed like nice people I never really did anything with them. I never actually quested with ANY of them. And only occasionally got a bit of help on tricky quests I was trying to solo. Now I could possibly have gotten more help with stuff. But I am not really looking for people to power level me. I want to play the game and experience the content. Especially in a game with very little end game content. And I don’t personally think constantly raiding the same dungeons is ‘content’. And even more annoying they never seemed to talk much. At least not in game. For hours the only things on the guild channel would be greetings, congratulations and goodbyes. Any attempt to talk to people would die real quick. Not really my idea of a community.

But this year also promises a couple of new games I am looking forward to to trying out. I’ve started to list them in the ‘Upcoming Games’ block on the front page of the site. But let’s just list them anyway since they might change over time…

‘Age of Conan’ is looking to be a really dark and violent PvP-centered game. PvP games have always had my interest. But I need a reason to do PvP and not just having the act of PvPing being the center. I can do that in plenty of games that are not persistent worlds just fine already. And I generally feel those games does a better job of letting player skill being the factor that decide who is the winner. So I am looking forward to seeing what ‘Age of Conan’ will do in this regard.

‘Gods & Heroes: Rome Rising’ and ‘The Chronicles of Spellborn’ both looks to just be interesting by how they are different from most other games. Spellborn seems to attempt something completely different with how fighting and using powers work. Also it’s a new contender in the market. That is always something to look for.

‘Gods & Heroes’ on the other hand is changing the genre in other ways. Apart from having chosen the mythical Rome as it’s setting – as opposed to the actual one – it tries to give players their own little army to help out in fighting. While the graphics look nice and the setting of the game is refreshing I am really looking forward to how they implement the minions. They are on one side claiming it is make it easier to build a well balanced group. But on the other hand they say the minions are not a replacement for players. As always I am interested in how they balance solo play content with the need to work with other players. ‘Gods & Heroes’ also makes a lot of promises of things to come… But that isn’t exactly news. We’ll see if they do better with that than some of the others that has played the same game.

‘Vanguard: Saga of Heroes’ I don’t really have much to say about. It looks to be placed squarely in the mainstream section of the genre. I am mainly looking to play it with people from the guild I joined in Dark & Light. But also I am hoping it will be a fun game to just play. And as always playing with pleasant people goes a long way to help that along. But at least it seems I get to play a bit of beta of this game through my Fileplanet subscription. I always was against paying to get to download demos and other promotional materials at reasonable speeds. But they ARE good at making deals so their subscribers get access to betas. So in the end I suppose it has been worth it.

A couple more are worth mentioning: Myst Online, Lord of the Rings and Tabular Rosa. I am not really sure any of them are ones I would really play seriously. LotR is mostly to see how badly they transfered the strict IP control of the Tolkien family into a functional MMO. Myst is a bit of the same. It’s been some nice adventure/puzzle games. But as an MMO I am wondering what you will be doing. I haven’t tried Uru so I am not really sure what to expect at all. And finally Tabular Rosa looks like a PvE first person shooter MMO. A bit of an odd setup but I would like to find a sci-fi MMO to play sometime. So I suppose I’ll have to give it a go too.

But anyway. Games are a bit slow right now. I am still waiting for another beta to start besides Vanguard. I’ve been accepted for some months now. But it seems they had to implement some changes. So maybe I will have some time to work on this site a bit. I’ve been playing with making a module for Xoops to better manage the info around all of my various gaming personas over the years. And also I have been looking at changing the design so it is a bit more pleasant to the eye. Too bad graphical design work isn’t exactly one of my stronger talents. But since this site is mainly for myself. I suppose it only really matters to me.

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