EverQuest’ing on and on and on.

Well. Once again it’s been ages since I updated this page. Not that it really matters, since I presume I am writing this just for me. But I do like to try to put down some words about my experiences so I can look back at them as consider what I’ve been doing. And perhaps it can help me figure out where I want to go next.

But anyway! Not much has changed since my last post except I had to move out of the PvP servers of EQ2. It was simply too frustrating and offered me no real rewards (with the exception of having the nice people of SDA around to chat with). So onwards I went to what is laughingly called a RP server. Now I knew it wouldn’t be all that much in character chatting and stuff like that. But at least people do tend to be a bit more mature on RP servers, and it seems that is the main reason people choose one anyway. At least from the replies I get when I joke about the lack of any real RP.

Gameplay-wise the game changes a bit when you don’t have to look over your shoulder all the time to see if you can get another kill before the gank-squad arrives. The game really lives up to it’s name. Lots and lots and lots of quests to complete. It’s quite a bit stressful really.

The good thing about that is that since the quests are – like in most other games of the type – so cookie-cutter you don’t really have to read what they are about. And only rarely does it matter if you do (in some instances locations are only hinted in text and not in your journal). So I am generally trying to adopt a strategy I call ‘chaos questing’. Basically I get as many quests in an area as possible and then start killing stuff. That works because no matter what I kill I’ll usually progress some quest.

The bad thing is if you level too quickly you end up with a lot of uncompleted quests. That is bad if you like to complete things before moving on… And I do. So I spend a lot of time getting old quests done so I have some room in my quest journal again. And usually I have to do that alone because the quests end up being so far under my level I hardly get XP for them.

The strange part about this is that often the monsters are still quite a challenge for my Guardian. I am not really sure if that is because I have – once again – selected a weak class. If I have gimped it somehow. Or if I simply suck at playing it.

Oh well… I am almost at level 40 now. And I am beginning to question how long I can keep playing this game. It’s not really a new thought since I have been playing it on and off for the last month or so. Having several days in a row where I couldn’t be bothered to play it.

I’ve been considering joining a guild. But it seems most of the recruiting guilds are just interested in being large. And there really seems to be very few guilds that state their interests to be anything like what I would like… Not that I am surprised when it is a main stream game like EQ2. It’s just like WoW in that respect – even if it is a RP server.

But there is light ahead in the tunnel. I’ve been selected to a beta. When exactly it gets underway is a bit of a mystery (it’s been delayed). But with any luck it should be any day now. Of course I can’t talk about it – or even mention the name – due to the NDA. But I’m hoping I’ll be motivated enough to keep a journal of it I can post once the NDA is lifted (or possibly get permission to post).

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