To DnL or not to DnL

Dark & Light was finally released a couple of weeks ago. First us pioneers got access. The the ‘Griffon pre-orders’ was let in a couple of days later. And finally the floodgates where opened for everyone else.

And what a release it has been. While most MMOs release with some problems I think this one took the award for most chaotic launch ever. The first couple of days we where having much the same problems we had when SoG was released: Overloaded login servers. Random disconnects and server crashes.

I would like to brag about how cool it was to be a pioneer and have several days of early access to the game. But as it happens we didn’t get out inheritance until the same day the other pre-orders where let into the game. And rumors would have it that several of the normal pre-orders also got levels and money from using the /inheritance command (that was also used to unlock the special mount they got).

Added to that it was almost impossible to level FXP from day one. The XP gain was severely limited and working in groups gave a lot less. So basically our early access was a waste of time. Great!

Well on we went. We got the guild set up in game (Age of Judgement) and tried to get something going. Slowly we figured out that we needed to configure the guild just right to gain some SXP so we can eventually start to build forts and holdings. Pioneers got to SXP level 10 from inheritance and we needed 20 to build anything. Just for reference I am almost at level 16 now. So I am looking at several more weeks before I become a player in that field.

Having had so much “success” in SoG with the Illusionist class I – of cause – went with that class again in DnL. Initially I wouldn’t have taken that class. But after reading about it I got suckered into believing that perhaps NPCube had gotten their act together and made something that would be cool. Of cause I was disappointed. While the class MAY be able to hold its own. It would require skills to actually work. And several of them don’t. But at least those pets that DO work are a not as easily killed as they where in SoG.

On to crafting. In DnL crafting is supposed to be one of the main attractions. It’s been completely separated from fighting. So a player is supposed to be able to do both and have a good time in both. That – however – it not exactly really the case. First of all crafting is insanely boring. What you do is you buy 3 ‘refined resources’ from merchants. Then you buy one ‘magical ingredient’ from another merchant (this can also be harvested from killing mobs at better quality). Then you find a crafting place of the right kind and start grinding away. To make one item you drag those 3 resources and the ingredient into the correct slots and press a button. Presto! You are done! Personally I will be surprised if it won’t become the norm to macro the crafting grind pretty quickly.

When crafting you can either make “training items” or create a real object. As crafting is now you only get CXP when you make those and you improve your skill at that specific item. It’s reasonably interesting that this close to release the rules of crafting has already had one major overhaul.

To add to the fun of crafting it was impossible to level up in your chosen crafting skill until a couple of days ago. So everyone was stuck at novice level even tho the UI said we should have leveled up. The latest patch have changed all that tho. Now instead we level up to next crafting level without having reached the required goal on the current level. So a lot of Master crafters are walking around now. Only thing holding people back now is the cost of getting the recipes on master level.

As things are looking now Age of Judgement has officially pulled out of Dark and Light. Now looking for Vanguard to be the game to move forward to. Personally I have been awarded with a free life time account for finding a golden egg in SoG. So I suppose I will stick around at various levels of activity. And perhaps even work a little on my map from time to time. But I suspect I will have to find something else I can spend the majority of my time at. Dark and Light does not seem like a game to I can take seriously right now.

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