Settlers of Ganarath closes… Later than expected.

Wow! Been several months since I updated this page… One would suppose nothing had happened. But it’s not really the truth. Perhaps it’s just because this page is mostly for myself. And I really doubt anyone reads it much =)

But anyway. Most of my MMO-activity since last post have been mainly SoG. I’ve done a lot of work on the map ( But it’s mostly on my dev site and haven’t really been published yet.

Apart from that I found one of the golden eggs ( pics in the gallery) that should result in a life time account for Dark and Light… With less than a week before release I still haven’t heard from those guys yet. But then so has nobody else apparently.

Of course Dark and Light was supposed to be out already. A month ago. But some issues made them postpone it. Just before they where supposed to shut down SoG I had acquired myself a barony (Mathang – provided by the nice people from SDA) and I spend some time online making sure I would keep it. Mostly because at that time it was said you would transfer your title into Dark and Light. But then SoG was prolonged two weeks and DnL was delayed a month. And finally the title inheritance was dropped. So basically SoG died that day anyway.

From there on I have played a bunch of boring trials of MMOs. Not really worth speaking much about since I didn’t stick around much in any of them.

But now Dark and Light might finally be released. They are running some stress tests on the new server cluster as I write this – with some nice big failures to check off in their test reports. And on sunday us pioneers should be released into the lands of Ganarath… Just enough time to get a dummy map up of DnL with basic functionality… But I have a blog that talks more about that… 😉

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