Guess Dark and Light is my new game then

Well. As it happens I was rather bored this weekend. So I was kinda looking though my email and lounging around the ‘net with my trusty browser. I eventually happened across a mail from the Dark & Light guys informing me I’d been ‘invited’ to be a Pioneer (not really an invite as much as a mail informing me I could get a special and limited pre-order account).

Now I signed up for beta for the game a long time ago and have pretty much since forgotten about the game. Only occasionally checking glancing at it whenever I’d get a spam mail or if they showed up at one of the usual MMO* news sites I frequent.

But bored as I was I reread the mail and noticed that the signup for this Pioneer pre-order offer started the day before. So I figured I’d go check out what was happening with the game.

At first glance the game don’t really look so hot – the character models look like plastic dolls. But then I read a bit about it and it kinda sounds like another attempt to make some of the better details of the Shadowbane concept work… What’s scary is that a lot of the forum posts sound a lot like they could have been copied from the pre-launch Shadowbane forum too (worries about free PvP and stuff like that).

Anywho what’s happening is they are doing a prequel of the game to put some player-made background into the game. So basically they let 18881 players play a scaled down game for 4-5 months before the actual game is released. The idea is to allow the players to put their mark on the game I suppose. That phase of the game they are calling ‘Settlers of Ganareth’ and they are allowing the Pioneers (the 8881 limited pre-orderies) to actually lay the foundation for their character in the final game by allowing some limited inheritance from the Settlers of Ganareth character to the one in the final Dark and Light.

Well. I guess I couldn’t miss the opportunity that this might be fun. So i figured ‘what the hell. It’s only money’ and signed up for a Pioneer account… I then found out that a lot of the dedicated fans of the game have had problems getting through the order process for the Pioneer thing while I just stepped through it… So I guess I’m a lucky bastard (depending on if I actually find the game any fun I suppose).

But basically that means that from the 8th December I’ll be wasting my time with that.

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