Returning to PlanetSide for awhile

Well. It’s been quite a while since I posted on this site last. I’ve got this WoW review I really wanted to complete – been writing on it since I started playing it and now I’ve stopped. But well… I’m too lazy I suppose.

Anyway I’ve had some vacation these past two weeks and the weather has been miserably AND I hurt one of my feet just before going on vacation. So most of my time has been spent doing nothing. So I kinda remembered PlanetSide and looked it up and ended up deciding to trying it again.

Mostly I figured I’d try the Core Combat stuff since I never got that expansion before. And also those new BattleFrame Robotics look fun. So I set off with reviving my old subscription and getting the expansion… Well… I had to wait 6-7 hours as a fresh install on my old CDs it took a while to patch.

But finally I was ready. And to my great surprise they even have joystick support in now. So that makes the birds somewhat controllable. W00T!

Anyway when getting into the game it seems most of the factors from back when I played are still in place. Generally the battlefield is highly unorganized and most of the time the sides simply Zerg to gain the advantage.

As was the case back when I played before finding a good outfit (or guild if you like) is tricky. Most outfits don’t really take matters too serious and just move around and do ‘whatever’. Even tho they do create outfit squads for doing battle together. They usually don’t make a big deal out of working too much together – apart from sharing a vehicle whenever it’s convenient.

Of course on a grander scale it’s not gotten much better either. Mostly some random people who have worked their way through the Command Ranks will attempt to direct the battle. But mostly they seem to be ignored since ‘nobody put them in charge’ (for the uninitiated Command Ranks are simply a separate experience point system that don’t really require any leadership skill to get).

Oh well. I guess I’ll look for a good outfit that suits my needs while my patience with the game holds. If that don’t work it’s back to retirement from that game. Perhaps something new has come around by that time.

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