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Site : New domain and stuff
Posted by TiranKenja on 2006/2/11 9:50:00 (1413 reads)

Well. There's been a bit of changes around here. The main difference so far is the domain. I finally decided on an actual domain for this place. So from now on we are going with ''... We'll see if I get around to be creative enough to change the heading of the site to match it.

The main reason for the change is my new Settlers of Ganareth site at Mainly it's a site of small stuff I've made for the Dark & Light prequel. The primary attraction so far is the map of the world based off Google Maps. I've got a couple more I'm thinking about doing. But anyone with an interest in that can keep up-to-speed with the blog I keep on that site.

The site will most likely eventually be converted into a Dark & Light tools site when that game comes to pass.

Site : Adding news feeds
Posted by TiranKenja on 2004/9/13 7:31:07 (1306 reads)

Today I have added a new menu item. Namely 'News Feeds'. Basically I intend to add any rss feed I find that deals with MMORPGs I play or just MMORPGs in general.

So far I have a feed from and one that's supposed to mirror Neocron's news.

Site : Welcome
Posted by TiranKenja on 2004/4/21 6:38:49 (1443 reads)

Welcome to my site... I am planning to make this a central site in the online experience of the Tiran Kenja personality